Old Favourites: Something for Kate – “Monsters”

“I don’t want to be a container, or a bastard with a ten-page disclaimer…”

With news that Paul Dempsey is finally getting Something for Kate back together, I thought I might reflect on the wonderful glory days of the band – which, to me, lands right on the early 2000s. I still know every word to this song, and it still means as much to me then as it did when I first heard it ten years ago. The video, too, is just as brilliant as it was back then – the three band members stroll through a chaotic city street and cannot, for the life of them, understand what everyone is going so crazy about. And the beauty part is – you never find out! Those crafty bastards. This one’s probably not as big a nostalgia trip for some people, but see what you make of this classic.


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