Watch This Now: TV on the Radio – “Second Song”

“And then the light shines, it’s gleaming like a bottle…”

Even with the tragic passing of Gerard Smith earlier this year, TV on the Radio have barely paused since the release of Nine Types of Light earlier this year. Following the heartbreaking video for Will Do and the pyschedelic brilliance of the Caffeinated Conscious clip, the band have scored a hat-trick with this excellent accompaniment to the opening track from Nine Types, featuring animation from the brilliant Mikey Please, who is an in-demand U.K. editor best known for his work on the animated short The Eagleman Stag.

Please’s style of animation is to bring meticulous detail to a series of odd characters and shapes, and the combination of both this and the stop-motion style that is applied to many of the objects throughout the video make it absolutely fascinating to watch. The influences on his work are clear, and yet it comes together to make something quite unlike anything else out there right now. The brilliantly crafted alternative/alien universe mixes in with the song itself perfectly, and I have a huge appreciationfor what Please has brought to this video. Highly recommended for fans of both the band and animation that’s just a little bit out there.


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