Watch This Now: The Throne feat. Frank Ocean – “No Church in the Wild”

“Jesus was a carpenter, Yeezy laid beats…”

Happy Thursday, boys and girls! Can you believe we’re nearly over for yet another week? Absolute insanity! It’s been an incredible comeback run – and it’s about to get all the sweeter. A huge video from hip-hop conglomerate The Throne – better known as Jay-Z and Kanye West – dropped just yesterday and it’s already destined to be one of the most talked-about videos to involve either’s music – and let’s not forget the controversy surrounding Yeezy’s Flashing Lights and See You In My Nightmares clips.

It also could not come as a greater contrast to their previous clip – while Otis was a fun-loving ego trip where a literally not a second went by when the twosome weren’t on-screen, No Church in the Wild features neither of them at any stage. Rather, the video focuses on rewriting a page in the history books, with a clan of black people oppressing their white slaves. It’s often quite confronting in its imagery – I certainly wouldn’t take my chances trying to load the clip at your workplace, for instance – but in a manner that more or less means that you can’t look away. It’s also beautifully shot, with much of the lighting coming from fire-lit torches, bringing that very dark vibe throughout the whole thing. It’s a pretty full-on experience, but that’s essentially why this is the video you should be watching and talking about with your friends right now. I can’t wait to see if or when shit hits the fan on this one.


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