Watch This Now: Dead Letter Chorus – “All Mine”

“How were you to know, what you were to discover…”

In my absense from the blog, something absolutely wonderful happened. After extensive waiting and delays, my dear sweet friends in Dead Letter Chorus finally released their second album! It’s called Yearlings, and if you’ve liked either of the singles that we’ve featured here on Y,WGAV! previously, then you’re in for a treat – they’ve hit this one out of the park, and it’s definitely been worth the wait. They’ve sweetened the deal here with the gorgeous clip for the third single, All Mine.

There’s a few things that I took in from this video on first viewing, some of which I’m sure only a fan would get. For one thing, the camera angles on vocalist Gabby Huber are either really far away and from the ground up, or they are close-ups of her face. It’s a classic camera technique for…well, there’s no other way of putting it: those who’ve met or even seen Gabby know that she is one of the tiniest people you’re ever likely to meet. It’s kind of funny, but when you get up close and personal with a gorgeous gal like her in this clip, you’re hardly in a position to complain. I also absolutely adored the outfits in this video – not only did Gabby look stunning, and the rest of the boys look dapper as always, but Gabby’s outfits reflected the lighting as it changed throughout the video. A very simple effect, but one that I loved from the very second that I noticed it.

Overall, it’s another great video from a band that aren’t exactly on a rockstar budget but still manage to create consistently lovely videos. On a separate note: if you’re not going to Parklife and want to celebrate me being 21, then come to the FBi Social in Kings Cross on October 1st and watch this lot kill it live. Should be fantastic!


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