Watch This If You Dare: Endworld – “Never Trust”

“You’re a scum slut!”

And with that charming little lyric, let me introduce you to Endworld. They’re a crew of angsty young men with way too much money and spare time on their hands that are best known for two things. The first is a little protest gig they put on in a shopping mall in Brisbane (see the photo above) to “make a statement” about the lack of AA venues or whatever. The second is the atrocity that you’re about to watch below – or, at least, you’re going to try your hardest to get through.

What can I say about Never Trust, potentially the most unintentionally hilarious video of the year? It starts off with some horrible cut scene of “acting,” where one of the crew gets a text message – and he’s supposed to look angry? Sad? I have no idea. Whatever it is, it’s ridiculous. And then…ohhhhh, THEN. THEN we get to their hilarious performance footage. They seem to be trying to prove how brutal they are by playing in front of a creek or a dam or something along those lines. FUCK YEAH, DISTURBING NATURE \m/! The drummer, especially, looks like he is just hating the entire process – and you’d be hating life too if your ears looked like they were filled with a child’s playing blocks. It all goes hilariously out-of-sync at the end and you, my friend, are officially dumber for having watched it. That’s life, I guess. Stay brutal – and watch as long as you can.


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