Watch This Now: Mamas Gun – “Reconnection”

“Don’t give up so easily, try to make a new connection…”

Here’s an interesting one to kick off your Wednesday that was sent to me from across the pond. UK kids Mamas Gun (no apostrophe, which kind of shits me, but anyway!) have been getting plenty of love recently over in their native land, especially from some legendary geezers like Peter Gabriel and Brian May of recently-blogged-about Queen. The band seem to be at their best, however, when they’re simply letting their freak flags fly. In their latest video, Reconnection, the dudes find themselves jumping down the rabbit hole and entering a world of balloons, mad hatters and some all-too-familiar book references.

It’s very clear that the band have had a lot of fun putting this one together. I really enjoy how the video keeps up with the pace of the song itself, and how it adds a dash of quirkiness to the band. They’ve also put in quite a considerable effort considering it was clearly a low-budget project – the little things, especially the little colourful things, are what make this video great. Part of the reason why I started this blog was not only to reflect on stuff that I love, but brand new discoveries of awesome creativity happening all over the world. Awesome work, Mamas Gun! I know one of you is from Australia, so I’m spreading the word back home for you! Check this out!


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