Watch This Now: Lanie Lane – “Ain’t Hungry”

“Livin’ in a guesthouse, room is hot as Hell…”

As a certified friend of the blog, it’s an absolute honour to welcome back to our screens the divine miss Lanie Lane! It’s been an absolute cracker of a year for this brilliantly talented young lady. She started off playing the Big Day Out, then she got to tour the states, then she got to tour with Clare Bowditch AND record a song with her, then she got signed to Ivy League records, then she recorded her debut album, To the Horses…and if THAT wasn’t enough, she’s now recorded a 7-inch with none other than Mr. Jack White! I’m exhausted just writing about that, so imagine how she feels!

Anyhoo, she’s quickly put together this gorgeous looking clip with a very simple structure, simultaneously going between her performing in a tiny room and her strolling the streets, before heading into a powder room and dolling herself up. It works perfectly for the song, which is considerably rockier territory than what we’ve come to expect from Lanie. That’s definitely a good thing, mind – this looks absolutely great, and it’s pretty safe to say it’s only a matter of time before she’s exploded in this – or some other – country! God bless this brilliant woman. Get dancing.


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