Watch This Now: Art vs. Science – “With Thoughts”

“To give him in return, I made an aeroplane…”

I’m pretty sure this is some kind of record. With the fifth video to be lifted from their album The Experiment, Art vs. Science have been on the blog …let’s see… one, two, three… FOUR times. They are officially the most blogged-about band in Y,WGAV! history! Congrats, dudes – and what a video to hold that record with. Probably the slowest AvS single to date, With Thoughts has been given a fittingly chilled video, which is also probably the only time you’ll compliment one of their videos for their poignancy.

It’s beautifully animated, with flourishes of bright colour and simplistic human figures. It never stays on the one thing, though – it bounces about from transiton to transition with reckless abandon. I particularly love how some of the small blurs can explode into much bigger ideas within the clip. I wish I could give a shout-out to whomever has animated this, but they’re sadly not credited in the YouTube clip! What a shame, I’ll have to chase the guys up about that one. Anyway, thanks for all the great videos AvS! Very proud to have featured your clips on the blog so many times – here’s to 4 more!


2 responses

  1. It was by Peter Lowey of Piepants Animations and the man is a genius!



    1. Awesome – cheers, lads!

      – Y,WGAV!

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