Watch This If You Dare: Edguy – “Robin Hood”

“Robin Hood is after you, and he’s not in a joking mood…”

In my time away from the blog, I’ve seen a lot of stuff. Stuff that’s made me laugh, think and even occasionally cry (not too sure if I’ll share that video). Only one video, however, has truly had me scratching my head until my scalp bled, and that’s this low-budget atrocity from power-metal vets Edguy, in which they recreate the story of – you guessed it – Robin Hood. Each member of the band plays a different character, and it’s all interspersed with them shredding away in the middle of the forest on their respective instruments. Y’know, just to keep up the brutality quota.

Not since Rebecca Black and the Friday phenomenon have I been so confused as to whether something is a joke or not. The melodrama and ridiculousness of the video and song certainly goes with the mostly-uber-serious nature of the power metal genre, but is the whole thing self-aware? Are they genuinely taking the piss out of the whole thing, or is this genuinely supposed to be a tribute to Robin Hood? The whole thing comes across as more Men in Tights than it does that Russell Crowe abomination from a year or two ago – but I guess it’s up to you, dear reader. Have I been to hard on these harmless geeks? Maybe. It’s still a fucking terrible video, though.


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