Watch This Now: OKGO feat. The Muppets – “Muppet Show Theme Song”

“It’s time to put on make-up, it’s time to dress up right…”

Do not adjust your screens! This has actually happened! That is DEFINITELY Kermit the Frog standing with the guys from OKGO, and it has all come together in celebration of The Green Album, a tribute album to the music of The Muppets and, of course, The Muppet Show. There’s also the small matter of The Muppets movie set for release at the end of the year – and if you’re not excited for that, it’s safe to say that you have no soul. In short, the Muppets are back – and what better way to reintroduce them to a generation of kids who are almost certain to have forgotten them than to pair them with the band that will always get a billion views on YouTube, no matter what they do?

You’re in for some general Muppet madness mixed with some clever references to past OKGO clips and an outstanding editing job bringing it all together seamlessly. There’s explosions, there’s dancing, there’s Statler and Waldorf looking at videos of cats…it’s something special, that’s for sure. I can’t recall the last time I’ve had this much fun watching either of these gangs, so it’s super-sweet that they’ve managed to make it work so well. What more incentive do you need! It’s time to load the video! It’s time to light the lights!


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