Watch This Now: Kimbra – “Good Intent”

“You know you shouldn’t be there, but your money’s all spent…”

What a freaking year this woman is having. Holy shit. It wasn’t just enough for Kimbra to be a part of the biggest Australian song of the year, not to mention two of the best music videos of the year. No, she just had to add a sold-out national tour, a brilliant debut album in Vows,. compliments on Twitter from Katy Perry…and, now, this. What more could a gorgeous Kiwi girl ask for?

With video number three, Kimbra has posed that age-old question of exactly where one goes after burning up dolls, shaking tambourines and stunning chiseled men in pink suits? The answer’s simple, really – you go old school. Massively old school. We’re talking zoot suits, cabaret, chanteuses, stunning vintage dresses and a little bit of that old black magic. Oh, and to make things even cooler/sexier/more awesome, why not ensure that there’s not just ONE Kimbra in the video, but three? I’m sold. Aren’t you?

With some very slick dance moves from both the Kimbras and the suited gents (also all played by the same guy), it’s quite easy to get into the groove of what is easily Kimbra’s sexiest video to date. It’s smooth and sultry, playing off the jazzy swing of the song perfectly. What’s even better is that you can pick a favourite Kimbra! It’s not often you get to do that, is it? I’ve personally gone with the one in red – effortlessly sexy, playing it cool throughout the whole video. See which one floats your boat the best…


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