The Cringe: LMFAO feat. Lil’ Jon – “Shots”

“Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!”


There’s a friend of the blog out there who goes by the name of Ryan Towers. You may remember him from such previous blog entries as The Europeans with their hideous Animal Song. Now, I honestly thought getting through that was bad enough, and I told him that there was no way he’d be able to find anything worse than that. I really shouldn’t have said that, because the bastard’s response was simply “Challenge Accepted.”

So, here we are. We’re back. And Towers found his video. You may remember LMFAO for their super-massive (s)hit Party Rock Anthem, as well as its sequel in Champagne Showers. Before that, however, they were only slightly less famous but infinitely more fucktarded. Case in point: this, their second single and Towers’ request to be covered on the blog. What can be said about this eyesore and earache? It’s two douchebags – one of which who is definitely old enough to know better – having a pool party with Lil’ Jon and pouring alcohol all over a few rent-a-sluts. It’s vapid and ugly and more or less everything that is wrong with where music is headed – particularly within the realm of music videos. So fuck you, LMFAO, and fuck you Towers for making me watch this!


3 responses

  1. You didn’t even mention that a segment of the song is Lil’ Jon literally listing different kinds of shots!

    1. The less I have to say about it, the better!

      – Y,WGAV!

  2. […] list of friend of the blog, Mr. Ryan Towers. Not content with infecting me with horrid shit like LMFAO and The Europeans, he’s now decided to refocus my attention on one of the more embarrassing […]

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