Watch This Now: Washington – “Holy Moses”

“You’ve got this fever, you’re such a snake…”

WE’RE BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! You fuckers couldn’t keep me down for long! Much like Shaker Fries, Backstreet and AC/DC’s black, I am fucking well BACK. And I gotta admit, it feels kinda great. Thanks to everyone who’s been in touch in my time off, and thanks to all the wonderful bands that have been reblogging my stuff to their Facebook pages etc – big love to Kimbra, Stonefield and Dead Letter Chorus especially!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, onwards and upwards to what’s probably been my favourite video released during my absense. Now, it’s no secret that Megan Washington is more than a little gorgeous – she’s almost a classic case of the shy, sweet library nerd who immediately becomes sex on a stick once she removes her glasses. That said, she’s always been kinda timid about how really, really ridiculously good-looking she is when it comes to her videos – that is, until now. Ho-ly SHIT.

This is Meg’s official pop-princess party. There’s lots of eye shadow, lots of dancing, lots of fire and lots and lots and lots of sex appeal. It’s incredible watchable, just as much fun and OTT as Sunday Best and Rich Kids were but with truckloads more confidence. The tall poppy syndrome has totally kicked in for Meg recently, but I give next to no shits. She’s amazing, and this video is something else. Get amongst it.


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