Watch This Now: Stonefield – “Black Water Rising”

“This is no good for you, my friend…”

The Findlay siblings are here to kick arse and drink chocolate milk – and they’re fresh out of milk. As Stonefield, they have had an amazing year playing gigs all across the country, including a spot at none other than Glastonbury not too long ago. For a band so young, it’s absolutely mental stuff, and I couldn’t be happier for them. They’re now on the cusp of releasing a double-A-side single – vintage, right? – and have gone with this Zeppelinesque rocker for the video.

In contrast to the bright atmospherics of their first video, Through the Clover, this clip is considerably darker, still maintaining a sinister cool about it. I love the trippy effects they use, mixed in with a variety of blurs and close-ups on vocalist/drummer Amy. The way this is shot has a great use of simple black and white, and the mix of performance shots with the sinister-looking cutaways is well-balanced. This is more or less exactly the kind of thing you can tell they wanted out of this, and who are we to question it? Keep on rockin’, Findlays.


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