Old Favourites: Ben Lee – “Cigarettes Will Kill You”

“You love to watch me bake, you serve me up with cake and that’s your big mistake…”

I don’t know why exactly I thought of this one, but something must have triggered it – maybe trying to recall my earliest memories of music videos? Here’s a video that has distinctively stuck with me from the very minute that I first saw it as a child of seven, maybe eight. He might be seen as beyond naff now, but no-one will ever be able to tarnish the memory of Ben Lee being the coolest dude I had ever come across at the time.

This comes in the late nineties, where our hero has just released his third solo album at the ripe old age of twenty. Along with hanging out with cool people like the Beastie Boys and Sean Lennon, Lee was branching out into an extravagant, artsy style of video-making. Check out the full body paint, the confronting street-walking and the various weirdness that makes up the video. It’s pretty much entrancing from start to finish, and certainly did wonders in capturing my imagination. I’ll always love Ben for this.


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