Watch This Now: Phrase feat. Davey Lane – “Apart”

“A penny for your thoughts, your thoughts are always on my mind…”

One of the most critically underrated acts in Australian music, in my humble opinion, is Phrase. Dude has been on the grind for years, releasing consistently good singles and a couple of grea albums. He’s back on the trailblaze following a bit of a break last year, and has brought along an unlikely partner-in-crime – You Am I guitarist Davey Lane! The pair both star in this video, but it’s Phrase’s friendship with another unlikely character that is the driving force behind this awesome new clip taken from his upcoming third album, Babylon.

Phrase’s best mate is…a pinata. Nope, you haven’t misread, it’s a goddamn pinata. A bit of a smartarse one, too, that old mate Phrase has to keep bailing out of situations. There’s only one way to solve it – and like fuck I’m telling you how it ends! Much like Phrase’s fantastic video for Spaceship a few years back, there’s a great imagination to be found within this video, creating something extraordinary simply by changing up a few of the ordinary factors. A must-see.


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