Takin’ 5: They Ain’t Heavy, They’re My Brothers

Welcome to week two of July’s Artist Special for Takin’ 5. Today, incase you hadn’t picked up, is all about those wickedly brilliant English gents The Chemical Brothers. Now, while I’ll freely admit to not being a massive fan of their albums, they’ve delivered some absolutely essential singles of the past decade and a half or so. And when it comes to their music videos, they’re pretty much untouchable – friends of the blog Dan Ilic and Meshel Laurie both agree! So without further ado, let’s check out the best vids from these unstoppable siblings.

5. Block Rockin’ Beats

For me, it’s a tough tie between this and the Smack My Bitch Up video on the clip that best defines the insanity following the breakthrough of rave culture in the 90s. Interspersed with footage of crowds going nuts is a brilliant plot of a Bonnie and Clyde-esque duo who attempt to pull off the perfect crime. Look out for Ed and Tommy themselves making a cameo near the bar.

4. Let Forever Be

From the tripped-out mind of Michel Gondry comes this decidedly trippy video, as if you’d expect anything less. I love the effect of there being a much bigger picture from one simple idea, continually zooming out to see what can be seen. Great imagination and a great journey to take along with the song itself.

3. Galvanise

Forget the Juggalos – if you want the real deal when it comes to delinquents in clown makeup, look no further than these badass little dudes. From their secret painting of their faces to the epic dance-off, another brilliant escapade into weirdness. This was the band’s first video with Adam Smith directing – amazed they didn’t go back to him for another five years!

2. Hey Boy Hey Girl

I originally only saw the second half of this video, and when I started watching the first half another time and thinking that they’d made two videos for the song! In a way, that’s reflective of the upredictable nature of the video itself. If you’ve never seen it, prepare to get seriously freaked out. Right down to the very last…you’ll see.

1. The Golden Path

Really? This one? Yep. Absolutely adore this video. Why? I think it’s because we’ve all wanted to escape into the surreal whenever we’ve been slavishly working away on something, be it a job or office employment or even a shitty assignment. This whole video is just complete bliss. And it’s completely weird, too – doesn’t hurt!


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