Watch This Now: Gotye feat. Kimbra – “Somebody That I Used To Know”

“You said that we would still be friends, I’ll admit that I was glad it was over…”

This was a match made in heaven from the get-go. Not only are these two absolutely phenomenal musicians, Gotye is responsible for one of the best videos of 2010 in Eyes Wide Open and Kimbra remains the frontrunner for best video of 2011 with Cameo Lover. How could this have possibly gone wrong? Impossible. And so here we are, with my jaw stuck somewhere on the floor and refusing to move – Somebody That I Used To Know is absoutely stunning. No question.

Interestingly, this is the first Gotye video since Out Here In The Cold to actually feature Wally DeBacker in his human form. That’s quite literal, by the way – both he and the gorgeous Kimbra bare all in this body-art extravaganza, with only a simple series of shots mixed in with hundreds of photographs. Having Wally sing the song straight down the camera barrell initially is quite confronting, but it adds to the beauty of the video and establishing this extended visual metaphor of distance between jilted lovers. It’s very powerful stuff, and I’m not going to write any more on the matter – I have a replay button to rock the living shit out of. Go do the same.


5 responses

  1. […] year this woman is having. Holy shit. It wasn’t just enough for Kimbra to be a part of the biggest Australian song of the year, not to mention two of the best music videos of the year. No, she just had to add a sold-out […]

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  3. Great song. Cause I adore Reggae. Three bars into this song and I said Saved By Zero. By The Fix is CLEARLY a inspiration that Gotye either knowingly used or not knowing. Maybe even a copy wright violation. ASCAP should be notified. The video has a strange similarity to the Fixxes 1983 Geffen Records release of the video for M.T.V.also. See for your self.

    1. I’m not quite hearing it at all, Arthur.

      – David

  4. […] you know. On a completely unrelated matter, let’s talk about Kimbra. Yes, that Kimbra. For about the fifth […]

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