Old Favourites: Holly Throsby – “Things Between People”

“And he thinks there’s something missing, that there’s something wrong with him…”

I’m going to be catching Seeker Lover Keeper at several of their upcoming shows, and I’m very excited to be doing so. I thought just before I did that I might pay a bit of tribute to the individual ladies that make up the group – so you’ll see a Sarah Blasko favourite tomorrow and a Sally Seltmann vid on Thursday. For now, though, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the gorgeous Holly Throsby and what is actually one of my all-time favourite videos.

Released in 2004, Things Between People is a very, very simple video. It starts as a tiny white dot in the centre of your screen, before zooming into a street, heading all the way to the end and then reversing the process, occasionally cutting or restarting. Literally, that’s it. So why does it work? It’s utterly fascinating, for one. You can’t look away even though you know exactly where the video is headed. I also love the dynamic shifts that come with changing the colours, bringing it in after the first ninety seconds or so of black and white. It goes from cold to hazy to blissful and warm, and all it takes is a quick change of the colouring. It’s simple and beautiful, much like the song itself, and it’s a video that has stuck in my mind for years. There’s just something about it that I find totally unforgettable.

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