Takin’ 5: Look It Up In The Becktionary

Howdy! Pinch and a punch for the first of the month, and can we all please give a warm welcome to the downright AWESOME month of July! Recognise, people! What’s so awesome about it? Well, for one thing, we here at Y,WGAV! are bringing back the Takin’ 5 section and bringing it back for good. We’re kicking off its triumphant return with an Artists’ Special month – each week, every Friday, we’re going to be focusing in on an act with some particularly awesome videos to their name.

To start off, where better than the mastermind behind several werid, wacky and wonderful video experiences – the divine sir Beck Hansen. For nearly as long as I’ve been watching videos, I’ve been watching this maniacal character at work, and he’s always presented me with some truly mesmerising clips that span his whole career. Here’s a sample of my faves.

5. Devil’s Haircut

A seemingly simple video of Beck strolling the city streets of Japan with a boombox, but it’s the little things in this clip that will lure you in and ensure that you’ll do at least a couple of double-takes. A perfect example of Beck’s inspired imagination.

4. E-Pro

As the first video from Beck’s Guero album in 2005, I’d sadly nearly forgotten about him. Thankfully, I snapped back into formation quickly thanks to this fantastic video game adventure. Look out for the trippy gravedigging scene and the unexpected ending.

3. Girl

The next video from Guero would end up bettering E-Pro. How do you follow up such an awesome video? Simple: Get mad. No, literally, get MAD. The whole video is a world of classic MAD-esque fold-ins, except they’re taking place in what would appear to be the real world. Madness ensues.

2. Sexx Laws

Machines getting it on. Brightly coloured costumes. Funky puppets. A motivational speech by a young Jack Black to top it all off. If this isn’t a classic Beck video, I don’t know what is.

1. Lost Cause

Interesting bit of trivia about this one: This video was actually done entirely using Adobe Photoshop. Pretty remarkable, huh? It’s probably Beck’s most simple video concept, but I truly find it the most mesmerising experience. I always love watching this video, especially really late at night when I just get lost in the strange beauty of it all.




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