Old Favourites: The Red Paintings – “Walls”

“Haven’t been this sick for days, eating nothing but my head…”

Would someone be so kind as to tell me where the fuck The Red Paintings are? It’s literally been about three or four years since they did anything, and only scarce information has arisen about their long-awaited debut album, The Revolution is Never Coming. Frontman – and apparently only member left – Trash McSweeney posted about the album being done after recording in L.A. around 2009, but that’s the last I heard. The band is M.I.A. – and it actually pisses me off a fair deal, especially when I remember how much I loved them.

When you watch this video, take into consideration I would have been all of fourteen or fifteen when I first saw this. I’d never seen anything quite like it before, and found it a little bit astounding that something so confronting and aggressive could also be so strangely beautiful. Pretty stunning stuff. I love the locations and the costuming especially – if there was one thing you could say about TRP, it was that they were never short on some imaginative imagery throughout both their music and their aesthetics. Their world was a dark and twisted fairytale, and it’s one that has stuck in my mind as of late. Trash, where the hell ARE you? If anyone has any leads – anything at all – please get in contact! I want to know if I’ll ever see this band again.


2 responses

  1. Trash is in America finishing off the album. Apparently there may be a 2011/12 Australian tour coming up. Trash has been back and forth from the US and Australia several times. Doing the odd show in Brisbane, then back to the US to perfect the album and performing all over there also. TRP is primarily Trash’s baby, so he is the only one who was willing to dedicate so much travel and expense to the project. Don’t worry, I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot more of TRP in the coming year, they haven’t disappeared. 🙂

  2. They’re still here, & slowly but surely they’re becoming bigger & bigger. The Revolution Is Never Coming is finally, really actually coming. For real. They recently toured the UK & Europe, before that they did a short tour in Aus. Now they’re back in the US with MSI, preparing for album release very very soon… Keep an eye out, it’s almost here…

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