Watch This Now: Calling All Cars – “Reptile”

“We’ve got nowhere to go, no better place to be…”

First off, shout out to Makers of Melbourne for the awesome pic up top. Now, let’s get down to the matter at hand, with Melbourne rock pigs Calling All Cars releasing what is easily their best single yet and putting a very dark, gripping video to go along with it. I’ve been very impressed with the band following up their debut, Hold, Hold, Fire, so quickly since its release about 12 months ago. They’ve worked really hard, and it seems to be paying off for them. Purely for the sake of Y,WGAV!, I’m also really glad that they haven’t gone the generic route of the performance video.

OK, so they sort of have. The bulk of the video is the dudes rocking their shit in the desert. I’ve never quite gotten the band-performing-in-the-desert thing. I mean, there’s no electricity! That’s another story, anyway. And besides, Reptile has got a nice little twist in it, featuring a super-slow-mo chase scene and a freaky little bit near the end that reminds me a bit of Animorphs – remember that? You’ll get it once you see the video. Rock on.


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