Watch This Now: “Weird Al” Yankovic – “Perform This Way”

“I’ll wear a porcupine on my head on a w-h-i-m…”

He’s ba-ack! It’s been about five years in-between albums for that ever-reliable parody overlord that is “Weird Al” Yankovic. One thing we knew for sure, though – upon his imminent return, one of the first acts he’d be after would be frenemy of the blog Lady Gaga. Sure enough, here we are – after a myriad of bullshit behind the song’s release, Al has finally given us his version of Born This Way. It’s twisted and freaky, but like you’d get anything less from a “Weird Al” take on the Mother Monster, right?

Yankovic is not in the clip in bodily form, but rather has his face superimposed onto a couple of Gaga lookalikes as he/they parade about in a series of downright outrageous outfits, from tributes to actual things worn by Gaga to some shit so insane that Gaga will be kicking herself that she didn’t come up with them first. Of course, if you didn’t dig Weird Al’ schtick before this, you won’t find anything here to change your tune. It’s just old mate Yankovic doing what he loves, and that’s poking a bit of fun at those we send straight to the top of the charts. He who is tired of “Weird Al” is tired of life…

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  1. […] The fact that it treads much closer water to her “Weird Al” Yankovic parody video, Perform This Way, says a lot about how far down the rabbit hole things have gotten. This, friends, does not bode […]

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