Watch This Now: The Aston Shuffle – “Start Again”

“Do you know what I know, when the light hits the dark…”

Here’s one from a few weeks back that completely blew me away but I didn’t find the time to properly write about. Now, if you’ve been to any kind of dance festival in Australia in the past year or two, you’ll probably already know The Aston Shuffle. They turn up at pretty much all of them, play some tunes and then bugger off. What I wasn’t aware of, however, is that they make their own tunes – and, if this one is anything to go by, pretty great ones, too.

Of course, it wouldn’t even be on this blog under this category if this fantastic single didn’t have a fantastic video to go with it, and here we are. There’s a strange disconnect between the video and the song initially, watching a slow-mo figure running for their life through the darkness. It comes together quite interestingly as more and more characters join the chase, however – and I’ll leave you with that before you scroll down just a little and press play on that bad boy. I think it’s a winner, and it’s great to hear some strong new Australian dance music – very cool indeed.


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