Watch This Now: Taylor Swift – “Mean”

“Someday, I’ll be living in a big old city…”

Good morning! Welcome back to another week here on the blog, and I hope you’re feeling as good as I am right now. Yes, the weather’s a little bit shit, but we can persevere through that! Especially when I’ve got some super-sweet new videos to show you – and I’d like to start off with the divine Taylor Swift. Although a lot of people might see her as a bit naff, I’ve always taken a bit of a shining to her earnest, sweet pop songs that always seem to have a happy ending about them. She’s got some great videos in her archive, too – I maintain that You Belong With Me is one of the best pop videos of the 2000s. So what’s she doing this time around? Simple, really – cementing her status as a great role model for young girls.

In this scenario, the clip goes through a handful of mistreated girls – Swift herself included – and shows how they end up being the better person for not letting it get to them. It’s a very cute video that’s also well-executed and smoothly shot, certain to put a smile on the faces of TS fans of all ages. When many female popstars want to fuck, Swift just wants to hold hands – and that’s just fine, especially when she keeps making these sweet videos.


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  1. […] been some good ones (the cute You Belong with Me) and even the occasional great one (the adorable Mean), but THIS level of greatness? There’s levels to it. Declan Whitebloom of Mean and Ours […]

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