Old Favourites: The Bronx – “They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)”

“Sidewalks cry ’cause they’re not as high, shooting old dope…”

Music videos, for some bands, are a great form of expression and statement making that can perhaps complement or emphasise the points made in the original song. If that’s the case here, then to this very day I’m still not too sure exactly what L.A. punks The Bronx were trying to say with this one. I still watch the video with utter fascination, however, as I see them give the mouthpiece of the song to an aggressive, strutting black gangster.

The main character struts his stuff around L.A., being a general badass and not taking no shit from no-one. It’s pretty cool, to say the least. He gets in a tonne of arguments and fights, and it’s not long before he gets what’s coming to him. I won’t give that part away, but you’ll see it coming. This was one of the first music vids that the Bronx put their name to, if not the first. I’m not too sure. Whatever the case, it’s a bold and engaging video that will leave you contemplating its representations and themes for years to come – if you’re anything like me, that is.


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