Watch This Now: Sparkadia – “Mary”

“I join them to beat them, to keep them away…”

It’s been a pretty excellent year for Sparkadia, aka Alex Burnett, who managed to have both his worst and his best run of luck seemingly simultaneously. In spite of losing his band, he’s made the best album of his career and grown more popular than ever before. Ahead of me writing my final assignment of the semester on Sparkadia, I thought I’d share the righteous new video to the song I knew would be a single since the very first time I heard it, back in October 2010 – Mary.

In this video, Alex seems to have gone from the sharply-dressed man of Talking Like I’m Falling Downstairs and China, instead transforming himself into a mad gothic preacher. He’s out on the rocks with a whole posse of miserable black-clad followers of his unholy gospel, screaming to the skies for MAAAAARY to save him. It’s unquestionably one of the darker videos that Sparkadia has done – if not the darkest. It’s incredibly well shot, however, and is strongly reflective of the themes found within the song. Take ’em to church, Alex!


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