Watch This Now: Battles feat. feat. Matias Aguayo – “Ice Cream”

After the departure of frontman/vocalist Tyondai Braxton, the remaining members of Battles found themselves in one of those three-legged dog situations. Thankfully, with the release of their awesome album Gloss Drop album just recently, the trio have proved that they can still get along just fine. Pretty fantastically, in fact – to the point where they’ve thrown together their best video ever to celebrate the lead single, the ridiculously catchy Ice Cream.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Dave! Dude! Remember their first video – the one for Atlas? Yeah, the one with them performing in the transparent cube. That shit was awesome!” It sure was, strange reader. So how do you better that? Let’s start with hot chicks licking ice cream and rollerblades, shall we? Maybe add in a bit of tai chi and some kerrazy jamming and some hats and some cake and some giant rocks and…well, a whole tonne of other crazy shit. Does it make much sense? Well, not really. But it’s bloody great all the same. Easily one of the most watchable videos of the year thus far – you pick up more and more cool things with every view. G’wan, give it a lash.

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