Old Favourites: Atmosphere – “Trying to Find a Balance”

“Yeah, I got some last words – fuck all y’all!”

Not much hip-hop has stuck with me all these years in the same way that Atmosphere has. Albums like When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold made a huge impact on me, practically soundtracking my life for certain periods of it. If I had to pinpoint one particular thing that I loved about the duo of MC Slug and DJ Ant, it can be pinpointed in both this song and its video.

There is no hiding from the pure intensity of this track and what it represents when you’ve got Slug pretty much slamming it down your throat in this vid. I remember watching this really late at night on rage with some friends, with most of them commenting on just how full-on he gets at points. It all adds to the song, and isn’t that part of what makes a great video? If you’ve never been into Atmosphere, or you’re not sure about hip-hop beyond the guns, bitches and bling, then this is a fantastic place to start. Somebody give me a big yes!



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