Watch This Now: The Potbelleez – “From the Music”

We’re never gonna get too far away from the music…

Here’s a group I’d never expect to feature in a positive light – Australian production crew The Potbelleez. These guys are resonsible for some of the most boring, generic, sports-montage-ready dance/pop songs of the past few years, amongst them Don’t Hold Back, Are You With Me and the downright atrocious Hello (“Hello! Are you ready to go?”) So, how on earth did these guys end up in Y,WGAV!’s good books? Simple, really – all they needed was puppets.

With this video, the band have flipped the generic club video into something far more amusing. Watching puppets get wasted in place of humans honestly hasn’t been this funny since Avenue Q – they sure manage to get a lot of partying done within the space of three minutes, that’s for sure. Look out for the cheating puppet, the Smack My Bitch Up homage and – my personal favourite – watching hot chicks make out with inanimate felt objects. Never thought you’d see that, would you? Oh, and I guess the song is okay, too. I mean, it’s officially the least-worst single they’ve ever released – and I’m not going to say the “b” word in relation to them. They’ve gotten the pass from me, let’s not stretch the friendship too much.

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