Watch This Now: The Lonely Island – “We’re Back!” / “Jack Sparrow”

Hey hey hey! So, the Rapture didn’t happen on Saturday and I’m really, really excited. Mainly because I get to keep on pestering you motherfuckers with my music video fetish. What better way to kick off than with some dudes who have been absolutely slaughtering it since their triumphant return – I refer to The Lonely Island, who already made waves over here on Y,WGAV! with I Just Had Sex. Now, they’ve given us not one, but two videos to promote their sophomore Turtleneck and Chain, another excercise in post-SNL hilarity, brilliant cameos and more dick jokes than you can poke a non-sexual stick at.

First up is a video for the first track on the album, entitled We’re Back! This brilliant rip on hip-hop bravado is boosted especially by the imagery in this video – filmed entirely in black and white, with plenty of sunglasses and TMI visualisations of the guys’ supposedly tiny dicks. There’s lots of dick jokes, by the way, so perhaps keep small children away from this entry – although, I’d be grateful for any clicks my way…

I digress! Video number two sees the guys team up with former mullet-toting crooner Michael Bolton for a ridiculous club jam that is offset by Bolton’s choruses about the Pirates of the Carribean marathon he just watched on TV. Seeing Bolton dressed up like a pirate is worth your time on its own, but the entire video is worth a look – for my money, it’s probably the funniest one they’ve made since I’m On a Boat way back in 2009. Everyone kills it here – it’s always a great sign of not taking yourself too seriously that you can temporarily join a comedy-rap troup and send yourself up a bit. Get amongst it!


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  1. Don’t forget The Creep!!

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