Watch This Now: Children Collide – “Loveless”

“You will be happy to know that I’ve moved on as well…”

I really, really shouldn’t have let this one go under my radar. Children Collide are no strangers to having an awesome video – let us not forget We Are Amphibious, or even the first single from their last album, Jellylegs. This one, however, the third and final single from the Theory of Everything record, is in a league of its own. In collaboration with director David Michôd, the band have delivered their finest video ever – a chilling reflection on their slowest and most heartfelt single to date. This isn’t the Children Collide you see thrashing about like crazy motherfuckers any other week on tour – this runs far deeper.

It’s even more amazing, still, to think that the band did this with one take, one camera, one backdrop and only one band member involved – vocalist/guitarist Johnny Mackay. Donned in clown makeup, he is transmogrified before your very eyes – I won’t give away what happens if you haven’t seen the video, but there’s a good chance that you’ll be left in fair amounts of shock by the end of it all. It’s confronting, at times even grotesque, but it all turns into something quite beautiful, reflective of the aching themes of the song itself. No Australian act has made a video this important and essential so far this year. They probably won’t for the rest of it.


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