Watch This if You Dare: 30 Seconds to Mars – “This is War”

“A warning to the people, the good and the evil…”

We don’t get a whole lot of good news in relation to shit bands here at Y,WGAV!, so I’m very happy to announce that there is a very good chance that 30 Seconds to Mars are going to break up. I thought I’d celebrate their demise by giving them Y,WGAV!’s second-ever hat trick! Formerly a title only held by Tamara Jaber, you can now add this piece-of-shit video to the rest of the fucktarded videos to come from this album, namely Closer to the Edge and the truly atrocious Hurricane.

For the title track, old mate Jared Leto gets his Rob Schneider on. Jared Leto was a pink mohawk! Then, he was a non-sensical bondage freak in the middle of a 15-minute circle-jerk with the guitarist guy and his own brother! NOW, Jared Leto is…a soldier! Geddit? ‘Cause the song is called This is War! Boom! Kaboom! Shake the room? No! Wrong video! Back to the targets and explosions and shit! VISUAL METAPHORS FOR THE ETERNAL STRUGGLE WITHIN, YOU GUYS! Ahh, fuck this. I really can’t be bothered talking about this piece of arse much longer. I just wanted to give the band credit for a hat-trick of unfathomably shite videos. Not many bands can do that. Get down  on it.


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  1. […] we got some truly terrible clips – blow-by-blow reports on which you can find here, here and here. They’re impeccably shit videos. Apex predators walking among just plain bad videos. […]

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