The Cringe: Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott – “Hero”

“They say that a hero can save us, I’m not going to stand here and wait…”

Every day, I’m trying to influence my younger brother to be the best person he can be. It’s not always a success, but I’m still trying. With that said, he’s made some terrible choices in his life time – and I count buying this single as amongst the worst of them.

Let’s take you back to the early 2000s. The singers of two of North America’s biggest post-grunge “mmmyeahh-heayuh” bands – that’s Chad Kroeger from old mates Nickelback and Josey Scott from Saliva – decided to team up to write and perform the lead single for the Spiderman soundtrack. The movie itself, while not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination, was still a whole lot of fun. Unfortunately, that’s kind of lost in the mix when you’re only getting a few seconds of Tobey Maguire flying through the sky in full costume or Kirsten Dunst standing around and doing her “I’m worried about something” face that she’s pulled in pretty much every movie she’s been in post Bring It On.

Instead, the focus is on the even-more-worried faces of Scott and Kroeger, both belting out the ballad as if they were about to get eaten by The Green Goblin or something. It’s one of those very obvious, plain and downright tacky music videos that are meant to tie-in with the movie that they’re promoting. It’s my least favourite kind of video, as it can rarely be done with any degree of success. Here is no exception – a lame song with a bland, bullshit-munching video. Mmm-yeahh.


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