Watch This Now/Watch This If You Dare: Lady Gaga – “Judas”

“I’m just a holy fool, oh baby he’s so cruel…”

Here’s one of the biggest videos that dropped in my time away – and one that I’m still not entirely sure about, hence the double categorisation. It’s no secret that Y,WGAV! is a fan of Gaga – she took out the top spot in my Top 30 Videos of 2010, and I loved the video for Born This Way not too long ago. This time around, however, I’m kind of conflicted. I’ve grown accustomed to Gaga using religious imagery, though I’ve never quite cottoned on to why it’s grown in prominence. It worked in moderation in the Alejandro video, but here it’s just…how do I put it? Creepy.

Here, there’s thorny crowns, feet washing, crucifixes left right and centre…it’s all quite confronting, especially from someone who hasn’t publicly specified her views on religion. One would assume that she’s not a Christian, given how outspoken she is about GLBT rights. Still, what are we supposed to believe with all the imagery used here? More to the point, what does it all mean? I’ve watched this video a lot recently, and I’m still not quite understanding of the extended metaphor she’s going for. The choreography is brilliant, and it’s all beautifully shot – but the bikie gangs? The random shots of her in the ocean? The whole “Jesus is my virtue” thing? I’m in the middle of a love/hate relationship here. What do you think?


5 responses

  1. First Lady Gaga song I’ve liked.

  2. Yarp.

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  4. […] that, things began to sour. The video for Alejandro was dreary and confusing, the video for Judas even more so. And the video for The Edge of Glory was fucking atrocious. I don’t recall […]

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