Old Favourites: Young & Restless – “Police! Police!”

“Keep selling those ships, keep telling those lies…”

These guys split up awhile ago now, but only recently did I just think of them and remember just what a fucking excellent band they were. I honestly have not heard an Australian band since that have filled me with such gleeful rage, aggression and energy. The kind that you get from listening to bands like The Bronx or The Chariot or Fucked Up or what have you – that sound that just makes you want to trash everything insight and just start some kind of riot. You know the kind – and if you don’t, you’re about to!

This was the band’s second single from their debut album, which was produced by Shihad bro Tom Larkin. The video is an all-out graveyard jam session, complete with dancing zombies and very dark cinematography that’s reflective of the vibe they were going for. It’s the little things that draw me into this video, though; whether it’s the flashing red light that flickers in time with the bass drum in which it’s contained or frontwoman Karina Utomo just being dead sexy (see what I did there?) as she screeches her way through the song and literally shakes the camera with the ferocity of her voice. Like I said, we NEED a band like Young & Restless. And we need them now.


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