Watch This Now: Kimbra – “Cameo Lover”

“You turn from the skies, you dance with your demise…”

Holy freaking shit. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not a man to make rash decisions, or overexaggerate too often. With that said, I just need to blurt this out: I think I may have seen the video of the year, the video of the decade and the most amazing thing I will see for the rest of my life. Ladies and gentlemen, please experience the bedazzling, sensational new video for expatriate Kiwi sensation Kimbra.

What can I say? Cameo Lover is gaymazing. Absolutely everything about it is gorgeous, bright and mesmerising. From Kimbra’s adorable red dress to her slew of tiny backing dancers, right up to the tambourines and the stunning choreography, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with this video. While her last video, Settle Down, was quite a dark affair, its sequel couldn’t be more fabulously bright if it tried. Ahh, confetti! Dancing! Multi-coloured suits! This is an absolute stunner, breataking in parts and just downright wonderful in others.

This is all just pure hyperbole to you, and you have every right to ignore everything I’ve written here. Except this: Watch this now, as soon as you possibly can. Kimbra is the future of Australasian pop.

(don’t forget to watch in HD!)


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  1. […] With DCfC bassist Nick Harmer filming and directing the whole thing, Fairey creates stencils depicting the lyrics of the song, putting them up all around Los Angeles. Major kudos is due to Harmer for putting this one together – his filming work is excellent, putting together a really beautiful montage that’s reflective of the song’s warmth, as well as its underlying fears and paranoia. It generates a myriad of emotions in what feels like a very short amount of time, and makes you want to explore them through repeated viewings almost instantly. Stunning stuff, and yet another contender for the video of the year – watch your back, Kimbra! […]

  2. […] videos of 2010 in Eyes Wide Open and Kimbra remains the frontrunner for best video of 2011 with Cameo Lover. How could this have possibly gone wrong? Impossible. And so here we are, with my jaw stuck […]

  3. […] for Kimbra to be a part of the biggest Australian song of the year, not to mention two of the best music videos of the year. No, she just had to add a sold-out national tour, a brilliant debut album in Vows,. compliments on […]

  4. […] now you know. On a completely unrelated matter, let’s talk about Kimbra. Yes, that Kimbra. For about the fifth […]

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