Watch This Now: Dananananaykroyd – “Muscle Memory”

“Play along, ’cause I know the chords…”

They’re baaaaaaack! Fresh from being announced for 2011’s Splendour in the Grass lineup, we now know that those hyper Scotish kids Dananananaykroyd are back in action! There’s a new album on the way, entitled There is a Way. We also have a brand spanking new single and video to go with it. If you think the band have been slacking off lately, you’re about to be proven dead wrong.

Truth is, they’ve been hard at training, as evidenced here. Give them some colourful tracksuits, some equipment and their instruments and they’re pretty much ready to go. Especially impressive is the band’s drummer, who not only learns to play upside down but also attempts to play with two weights attached to his arms and helium balloons attached to his leg. That is goddamn dedication to your art! I respect that very much. Anyway, There is a Way is out June 16. Get excited.


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