Old Favourites: The Chariot – “Daggers”

“War is only skin deep, war is only skin deep…”

Tonight is a very huge night for hardcore in Wollongong, my local city. Tonight’s the night that the No Surrender tour comes to town – and while seeing bands like Oh Sleeper, I Am Villain, Mary Jane Kelly and the recently blogged about Totally Freaking Unicorn, there’s one band that I simply can’t contain my excitement about. They’re called The Chariot, and I’m about to show you one of their monstrous music videos.

That wasn’t merely an expression, by the way. In this video, for a track from their Wars and Rumors of Wars record, literally portrays the band as terrifying, city-destroying monsters. Given, it’s very cartoony and very obviously a caricature. That said, it’s often what the band’s music feels like – destructive and terrifying. It’s certainly reflective of the band’s energy, which also apparently translates into an absolutely mental live show. I, for one, cannot wait to experience this insanity live. Get amongst it, mosh kids.

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