Watch This Now: Mousey feat. MC KC-B – “Mouse in Da House”

“Is there a mouse in da house? Mousey! Mousey!”

Over the past five weeks, most of my household – and, I’m sure, many others – have been enjoying Adam Hills at the helm of the show he was pretty much born to host – Adam Hills in Gordon St. Tonight. A light, fun and very well concocted talk show, Hillsy’s charm and rapport with the audience is unlike anyone else in Australian comedy/entertainment. After picking up on a toy that an audience member slept with every night, Mousey, the toy became somewhat of a cult icon of the show – it now has more Facebook fans than the show itself! For one last hurrah, the writer of Keating!, Casey Bennetto, has put together a very cute and funny video for Mousey’s new “single.”

This is worth a look for any fan of the show. There’s plenty of cameos – Hillsy, of course, as well as Dave O’Neil and Hannah Gadsby are in there. But really, to watch that little mouse drink everyone in the club under the table is worthy of everyone’s time. Ever. No lie. Also, it’s all for a good cause – buying Mouse in Da House on iTunes will see proceeds go directly to the Red Cross. It’s a great cause, so get amongst it and have a bit of a laugh with Australia’s most lovable mouse – hit the road, Mickey…


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