Watch This Now: Art vs. Science – “A.I.M. Fire!”

“Yo, be-bop and rock-steady never won a war!”

More from the brilliant imaginations of Art vs. Science, who have been making significant waves already this year with the release of their debut album The Experiment. Following a completely sold out tour last year, the guys will be back on the road in July playing their biggest shows ever – but not before unleashing this slice of virtual insanity for their new single A.I.M. Fire!

Well, what can you say about this video? If you thought their previous efforts of mime wars, old men with wicked sound systems and medieval battles was crazy enough, wait until you see the stops they’ve pulled out for this one. There’s lazers, tuxedos, singing socks, a dancing robot, kids running in their PJs…a myriad of totally crazy stuff that comes together in this strangely beautiful mess. In fact, the only trend it keeps in touch with their previous videos is the fact that the band themselves only make an appearance halfway through, seemingly manning some spaceship by the sheer force of their electro-rock. Seriously, dude, just watch it. This one is fuckloads of fun.


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