Watch This Now: Jebediah – “She’s Like a Comet”

Every moment falls through the sky, erupted and glowing…”

I want to kick off this week of Y,WGAV! on a positive note. And right now, I can’t think of anything much more positive than the fact that Jebediah are back. It’s a great feeling, my friends: This is a band that many people, myself included, grew up on and more or less worshipped. One of the first ever CD singles I got was Animal, from the band’s second album Of Someday Shambles. They’ve been around for so long, it seems strange that it’s been seven years in-between albums. Thankfully, they’re here now and making up for lost time with a kick-arse music video.

As the Jebs kick out the jams in what looks like an abandoned underground parking lot, a war of superheroines and giant rock-like villain figures wages on. Pow! Boom! Bang! Crash! Thud! Zpow! etc. It’s very cheesy and cartoon-like, and that’s exactly why it’s so damn charming! There’s hammy fight scenes, lasers shooting out of guitars and a whole lot of super-action goin’ on. My personal favourite part is the brief montage of newspaper headlines proclaiming the Jebs’ return – normally, this might seem like a bit of a dickheaded thing to do, but they do it with tongue firmly in cheek; and it ends up being sweet. They’re baaaaaaaack!


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