Old Favourites: Brian McFadden feat. Kevin Rudolph – “Just Say So”

“I’m half the man you can barely recognise…”

This is very grey, shaky, interesting territory for me. Of late, former Westlife dude Brian McFadden has been better known for being a douchebag of gargantuan proportions. He’s been releasing songs about date rape, having bitchfights with Twitter stalkers, getting dumped by Delta Goodrem and hanging out with Vile Sandilands. Just the usual, y’know. He really does seem like a bit of a prick. That said, I feel compelled to talk about the video for his first ever #1 hit here in Australia without the assistance of Westlife: Just Say So. Against my strongest wishes, I think it’s fucking brilliant.

Using a variety of speeds and footage reversing, this is a very smart and engaging pop video. Filmed at the Mecca of douchebaggery in Sydney, the Ivy nightclub, McFadden throws a towel at Kate Waterhouse, films shit on his phone, subtly plugs Mino HD cameras (you’ll see what I mean) and then does the whole thing in reverse. Admittedly, neither an original or particularly interesting concept. Where it gets cool, however, is where the reversal starts clicking back and forth and he appears to be singing the song as it’s happening whilst the footage is in reverse. It all begins to click, and the subtle genius of it all begins to sink in.

McFadden, you’re a deadset dickhead. But I’ll be damned if this isn’t a fucking great video.


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