Watch This Now: Katy Perry feat. Kanye West – “E.T.”

“Could you be the Devil? Could you be an angel?”

Katy Perry is just getting a ridiculous kind of big this year. The media drool over every move her and Russell Brand make, she released a killer sophomore album last year which produced not one, but two of my favourite videos of 2010, and now she’s on some next level shit with the one and only Kanye West. Admittedly, E.T. wasn’t my next choice for single from Teenage – I would have probably gone either T.G.I.F. or Circle the Drain. Thankfully, the track has been kicked up a notch with some great remixing, new beats and the robo-rap genius of Yeezy.

As for the video, I believe the phrase “holy shit” was invented specifically for moments like these. Katy’s a freaking alien, ‘Ye is floating in some kind of space dimension and there’s a tonne of crazy sci-fi shenanigans for all. This is easily the most ambitious video Katy has put her name to, and it’s one that is sure to divide fans. For my two cents, however, I really love this video. It’s a bold expression to put forth – especially when she’s in a position to be easily able to play it safe. Interested to know what you think…


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