The Cringe: Mr. Big – “To Be With You”

“Hold on, little girl, show me what he’s done to you…”

Interesting note while searching for the above image of the douchebags that make up Mr. Big: Google Images presented images of both the band and the character of the same name from Sex and the City. Just when I thought writing this entry couldn’t get more excruciating! Two of my least favourite things: the atrocious Sex and the City and godawful 90s rock ballads.

This right here is tied with Every Rose Has Its Thorn as the worst. And the fucking video! My WORD! Just a bunch o’ dudes hangin’ out on a tour bus, bro, wanna chill? Don’t you just wish that you were as AWESOME as these dudes rocking out this AWESOME acoustic rock track! Oh oh oh, and HE’S SITTING ON HIS CHAIR BACKWARDS! FUCK! Also, major lulz are due to the dude on tambourine. Whatever. Fuck that guy. Does nothing. Sits on his arse all goddamn day.

I’m done. Watch this. If you enjoy it, choke on something.


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