Watch This Now: TV on the Radio – “Will Do”

“As your body flows, the second hand flashes, passes over your skin like time…”

Here’s a great new one from a band I’ve missed quite a bit since their “hiatus” back in 2009. They’ve been working on some really cool stuff since then – there was Rain Machine, Tunde’s acting and the cool videos of Maximum Balloon. Nothing quite compares to what happens when these guys come together, though; and that’s expressed in the complete audio-visual package right here.

Will Do is a tender, desperate ballad and has a chillingly beautiful video to go with it. It’s an expression and commentary on the dangers of being lost in virtual experiences, as opposed to firm reality. All the members of TV on the Radio – except bassist Gerard Smith, who is currently being treated for lung cancer – put on a headset which takes them to a virtual world of their choosing. It’s lead singer Tunde Adebimpe, however, who seemingly grows addicted to the virtual reality, where he has found a woman who loves him. There are no words spoken, aside from some lip-syncing to the song – at times, it can honestly be quite confronting. In turn, this is why it works so well. It’s confronting and honest, much like the song itself. It’s going to be a very good year for this band, I can tell…


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