Old Favourites: Pauline Pantsdown – “I Don’t Like It”

“There’s a Muppet in the wings, and it’s saying racist things…”

As well as doubling as a tribute to the finest political satire of the 90s, this is a celebration of the fact that Pauline Hanson will NOT be joining the NSW state government on ANY level – and there’s a good chance she won’t have a chance to do so again for another eight years. Truly an outstanding result – damn, NSW, you had me worried for a second there!

Anyway, if you know anything about Australian politics you’d be aware of just how misguided, racist and downright ignorant Hanson was and is – particularly during her peak of prominence in the late nineties. Someone had to take her down, and that someone was Simon Hunt, a comedian, satirist and very convincing drag queen. Here, Pauline Pantsdown sashays about, hits the disco and gets about her every day office work and grocery shopping. Her shopping trolley? Murdered. Trust me, you’ll just have to watch it to know exactly what’s going on there.

So, boys and girls, here’s to Hanson being a footnote in Australia’s political history – and to Pantsdown continuing to lampoon her every time she tries to fight her way back in.


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