Old Favourites: Lisa Loeb – “Stay (I Missed You)”

“Turn the radio on, turn the radio up…”

Poor Lisa Loeb. She seems like the most lovely woman on the planet, and she’s been constantly releasing music for the past couple of decades. Unfortunately, however, she’s stuck in the 90s for life – thanks to this. Here is one of the defining acoustic pop songs of the decade, perhaps even of all time, with a practically unforgettable video to go with it.

It’s an intimate, one-take video in which Loeb sings the entire song pacing about her apartment. It feels like an insight into the woman herself, the scattered thoughts and awkward emotions portrayed beautifully throughout. It’s the kind of video that makes one fall head over heels in love with Loeb – at least, the one portrayed in this clip. One hit wonders are better than no hit wonders! Recognise!


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