Watch This Now: R.E.M. feat. Peaches – “Alligator_Aviator_Autopilot_Antimatter”

“I feel like a contradiction, I’m a walking science fiction…”

God, where did those last few days go? Last few weeks, for that matter. I’ve been unfathomably busy, and in that time I’ve abused my precious  Y,WGAV! blog and my half-a-dozen readers (s’up new friend of the blog Charting Pop?). So I apologise. But I’m here now, dominating and such.

Thought I’d kick off the week with a newie from my all-time favourite band, the inimiable R.E.M. Their awesome new record Collapse Into Now came out last month, and this is the second video the band have put out to promote it. Both have involved the band’s fearless leader, Michael Stipe, doing some pretty bizarre things. The first, Mine Smell Like Honey, literally being turned and carried up the stairs by about four other dudes. This time around, Stipe is off on a fashion parade with the one and only Peaches, who also provides vocals in the song.

The shoot is very straightforward, the movements very bizarre and the costumes even more so. It’s one of the most simplistic concepts from R.E.M.’s filmography, yet is subsequently twice as effective as  some of their more expensive videos. Perhaps the best thing is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously – it’s just two crazy kids in some wild get-up. Enjoy yourself, bitch!


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