Old Favourites: The Smiths – “This Charming Man”

“This man said it’s gruesome, that someone so handsome should care…”

I’m of the firm belief that, no matter where an act will take you – musically, image-wise, whatever – you will never forget the very first experience that you have with them. For The Smiths, this is it for me. I was aware of the song How Soon is Now?, but had never actually heard their version – to me, it was a song by t.A.t.U. that was also the theme of Charmed. This was my first exposure to everything that The Smiths were about, and that’s probably why it’s stuck with me for so long.

So, why the flowers? Who knows? Who cares? The gay abandon of this video (interpret that as you will), as well as the simplicity of the performance, is what intrigued me so much. Morrissey remains one of the most oddly engaging musicians in pop history, and my fascination with him began here – sneering something about a charming man while whipping a boquet of flowers about for whatever reason. In brief: If this doesn’t make you want to immerse yourself completely in the world of The Smiths like this did to me back when I was about sixteen or seventeen, then we must be watching different videos.

One response

  1. I always hated the Smiths – I couldn’t stand Morrissey’s voice. For me, the turning point came when I heard
    “Paint a Vulgar Picture”, and now I can’t imagine life without them.

    And the flowers, hahahaha. Good post, David ;D

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